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If you are new to fitness, wanting to get back into shape but have aches and pains normally associated with aging, wanting to increase sports performance or lose some fat and gain some muscle, we can work together and design a personalized approach for you. 

Together we’ll use the most technologically advanced organic supercomputer in existence…

Your Brain

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With over 18 years experience in the fitness industry and countless hours of helping thousands of people, Z-Health Master Trainer, Eric Johnson, wants to help you get started seeing the results you deserve.

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You hold the key to your success, together, following the physiological principals that govern your body and learning how to modulate threat we can develop a personalized health and fitness plan that can finally meet your desires.

Now you can finally save your money and throw away all the gimicks and fads that have led you in circles

Fix U Fit offers exceptional personal training services including:

  • ​Individual Program design
  • 1 – on – 1 coaching
  • Partner coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Online programming
  • ​Onsite locations – your office, house or nearby parks​​
  1. Goals That Can Be Accomplished with Fix U Fit:
  • ​Pain Relief
  • Flexibility/Mobility
  • Balance training
  • Vision training
  • Post rehabilitation
  • Sports performance
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building
  • Toning
  • Special conditioning

Focus on your Brain and be just like…

…Ruth!  She has improved drastically from when she first started her program.  With her diligent focus she has improved strength and endurance for all her everyday activities, while at the same time reducing the pains that help her back from living a comfortable life.

“When I first met Eric I was in constant pain from injuries incurred in an automobile accident two years be- fore. I had gained weight and because of the constant pain I could not do much of anything physical. After 3 weeks with Eric I was pain free for the most part and was off all pain medication. We are now working on the weight gain and mobility and balance issues and I see improvement in every part of my life.” -R.R. ​

Accomplishments at FIX U Fit
  • No more pain meds
  • almost 40lbs lighter
  • Getting up and down off the floor now…for fun
  • Better outlook for her retirement years
  • ​​

By learning how to set appropriate goals and create good habits that drive motivation you can achieve amazing results.   learn to set good habits and be persistent Just like…

….Cheryl! She started her program barley being able to move. In almost constant pain she focused with positive intentions and rewired her nervous system to where she went from not being able to do any house chores to competing in a 7mile obstacle course race called “Volksluaf”.  

During the process she lost over 30lbs…

…and then gained a BABY! Now she trains with baby OSH and is ready to compete in her next “Volkslauf” event.

…”I absolutely love it – It makes me feel so great! 

Eric is and has been truly phenomenal and such and integral part of my success. He’s professional, very supportive, positive & motivational, he is extremely knowledgeable about body function & fitness and he’s friendly and patient (I ask a whole lot of questions!). He keeps my focus and even suggests ideas for helping build a better me. Becoming a client is seriously the best thing I have ever done for myself, it’s been such a positive experience and I am so thankful.” -C.H.

Cheryl’s Accomplishments at FIX U Fit
  • ​Lost 7% bodyfat in her first 6 wks
  • Overcame significant spinal injury
  • Can do regular house hold chores pain free
  • Ran a multiple 7 mile obstacle courses

Fix U Fit has the whole package, conveniently train anywhere, anytime with whatever equipment you have handy.  Start  your personalized program tailored by your brain.

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