Eric Johnson

​​​ With over 16 years of study in the health and fitness industry, and eventually learning to understand how mainstream fitness propaganda works against the benefit for the masses. Eric has taken an approach that lets the individual’s nervous system dictate how their personalized training should evolve.

Understanding Health and Fitness through a neural lens, developed through study with Z-Health Performance, has enabled him to better fine tune teaching what components may be best to suit an individual at a given time. The most important part to remember is that there are certain physiological principals that govern the human body, and the principal of individual differences shows respect, if understood correctly, to each individual’s nervous system and the fact that their nervous system may receive, interpret, and respond to stimuli and information different from the next person. This ability is truly, what makes a great personal trainer.

Currently Eric is focusing on training clients to alleviate pain and improve their fitness levels to get them active in their personal sport of life whether that includes engaging in sporting activites, hiking, biking, running, or other outdoor activites, or if they just want to train to feel better about themselves and improve their quality of life.

Using skill sets, developed from years of study through many national certification organizations, such as ISSA, AFFA, NASM, RKC, and Z-Health, allows him to work with a variety of clients of all ages and that come from all walks of life. His enjoyment truly comes from that magical moment when someone finally accomplishes a goal they never thought possible. Those inspirations from helping others achieve their goals allow him to continue his ever quest for a better more complete understanding of the human body.

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